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Welcome to the official Paul Barrett, website. I'm an Electronic Music Composer & producer, I started making synthesizer music many years ago, influenced by the likes of OMD, Kraftwerk, Thomas Dolby, Gary Numan, Bill Nelson & Depeche Mode. Lots to hear and see, so get clicking! Don't forget to check out my 'YouTube' videos in 'The Studios' link above.

The 'Our Story' page is where you'll find a full and complete history on Paul Barrett & Fayshalarts, synths I've used and are currently using, my claim to fame and how it all began.

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The latest 'Third Phase Of Moon' album is available to download from iTunes, Amazon and Music Streaming Services.

The Strangest Things

Third Phase Of Moon:
The Strangest Things

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Roland Aira TR-8

Roland SH-101

Arturia Beatstep Pro

Arturia Microbrute

Way back in the 1980s two young guys by the names of 'Paul Barrett' & 'Steve Skipper' formed a Band of their very own... If my memory serves me correctly, Stephen came up with the name, a sort of play-on words...
'Facial Arts' into 'Fayshalarts'...

We both had a common interest in the electronic music of that time,
influenced by the likes of OMD, Thomas Dolby, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Bill Nelson,
Human League and FadGadget to name but a small few. So the direction that our music was going to take was already set, We purchased some instruments and started making music...

In the beginning (1983-1985) our setup was extremely basic, the kit list comprising of just a Casio MT-41, Jen SX1000, Siel Mono, Soundmaster SR88 Beat Box, Realistic 6 Channel mixer...

With the newly aquired SH-101 we were now able to sequence notes using the onboard 100 note sequencer, this in turn was clocked with the SR88 Drum Machine keeping everything in perfect timing. One of my favourite tracks from that time was 'You Must Go', this was also the very first track...